Project Manager

Carol Rangel | OISA Ambassador

Project Advisor

Andrea Popa | Director, Office of International Students Affairs

Publication Team

Melanie Han | OISA Ambassador (Team Lead) 

Grace Hwang | BFA (‘22) Creative Writing

Iryn McIntyre | Assistant Director, Office of International Students Affairs

Marketing Team

Corey Blackmar | Associate Director, Internationalization Initiatives (Team Lead)

Mayuka Furuhashi | OISA Ambassador

Kai Yeo | President, Emerson International

Awards Team

Sophie Jin | OISA Ambassador

Kai Yeo | President, Emerson International

Faculty Workshop Contributor

Patty Tamayo | BS (‘21) Political Communication 

Faculty Workshop Speakers

Mark Brodie | Affiliated Faculty

Rajiv Mohabir | Assistant Professor

Novuyu Tshuma | Assistant Professor

Jae Williams | Director of Special Projects, Social Justice Center

Competition Judges

Astrid Esquilin Nieves | Graduate Assistant, Residential Education

Jeremy Heflin | Associate Director at English Language Learning

Annie Kelly | Emerson Los Angeles, Associate Director of Student Support

Jim Lane | Senior Scholar-in-Residence and Graduate Program Director

Paul Mihailidis | Associate Professor, Assistant Dean and Graduate Program Director

Tikesha Morgan Assistant Dean Global & Equity Education

Virtual Platform Development Team

Jason Beals Director of Web & Digital Services

Iris Amelia O’Connor | Digital Services Manager

Amala Reddie | Digital Services Assistant