Welcome to our Constellations page! This space is for all of us out there, Global Emersonians who in the past year have been scattered across multiple time zones. This is where we can connect through our art, our reflections, our nuances, and resemblances. Constellations was tailor-made with all of us in mind, in an attempt to defy distance and bring us closer together through the collection of our creativity and experiences. It has been an honor to see this project come to life at the hands of our amazing collaborative team, all of whom spared no efforts to make this space the most accessible and receptive for all of us. Please enjoy our Constellations global collection of artwork!

Carol Rangel, Constellations Project Manager | OISA Ambassador for Online Students

OISA and Emerson International came together hoping to unify members who had to spend the past year scattered in different parts of the world. The idea of bringing members of the community together fits perfectly into what our organization stands for: to provide a community space for all students and cultures. The Constellations team consists of members from different parts of the world, who each gave valuable feedback and made our time working on this project really fun amidst their busy schedules. We would like to thank everyone who has put time and effort into this project as well as everyone who has submitted work. We are excited to see the fruits of everyone’s labor!

Kai Yeo, Emerson International President Constellations Marketing Team and Awards Team