Everybody and Marisol Cast Lists

Thank you to all who auditioned for the first two production of our Spring 2021 semester, Everybody and Marisol. We are pleased to share the cast lists for these productions.


Somebody—Zeiana Andrade
Somebody—Emma Davis
Somebody—Allison Earl
Somebody—Jayse Matrishon
Somebody—Amanda Vazquez
Usher/Understanding/God—Kandyce Whittingham
Death—Sara Taylor
Little Girl / Time—Ava Petrecca
Love—Sarah Magen
Usher, Death, Love, Girl Understudy—Caitlyn Gorman
Somebody Understudy—Dominic Letterii


Marisol—Rocío Perez
June—Tiana Pérez-Toro
Angel—Alieyah Brown
Lenny—Arianna Mora
Man with Golf Club—Arianna Mora
Man with Ice Cream / Voices—Michelle Romero
Woman w/ Furs—Anaïs Crespin
Scar Tissue—Karen Eskenazi
Radio Announcer/ Voices—Eliana Ulloa
Voices—Isabel Moon
Marisol, June, Man with Scar Tissue—Eliana Ulloa
Lenny, Golf Club, Ice Cream, Woman with Fura—Isabel
Moon Angel—Michelle Romero

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