Summer Spotlight: Morgan McMillin ’23 is working on The Producers at the Firehouse Center for the Arts

Morgan McMillin (BFA ’23, Musical Theatre) is spending part of her summer in the ensemble of The Producers at the Firehouse Center for the Arts in Newburyport, Massachusetts (performances June 10 through July 17). On Saturday, June 11 she’ll be taking over our Instagram Stories […]

An Artist Inspired by Love: The Correlation Between Robert Schumann’s Music & His Life

By Victoria Isotti, Dramaturg (Three Romances for the Unwell and Otherwise) Robert Schumann (June 8, 1910–July 29, 1856) is said to be one of the greatest Romantic composers of all time. His music was inspired by his own life, each piece growing out of his […]

Turning Historical Figures Into Modern Day Characters: A Conversation with Elena Freck

An interview with the playwright of Three Romances for the Unwell and Otherwise, Elena Freck. Conducted by Victoria Isotti, Dramaturg. Victoria Isotti: What initially drew you to the story of Clara and Robert Schumann? Elena Freck: I grew up as a violinist; I played in […]