Name Your Nihilist

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Last week, our e-newsletter asked people a simple question: Who’s your favorite nihilist? The question might seem like a strange one to the uninformed, but if you’ve been reading in the past week, you know that the main character of … Continued

Love & Nihilism, Fathers & Sons

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By Robin Goldberg, Production Dramaturg Robin’s article was originally published in EmStage’s biweekly newsletter, which also includes extra behind-the-scenes photos and contests for free tickets. Want to get the jump on the inside scoop? Consider joining our list.  In its most … Continued

Malaga Island: The Setting of Our Play

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By Sarah Erkhart This blog post was cross-posted from the Lizzie Bright Dramaturgical Blog.   Hello and welcome to the dramaturgical blog for Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy, the third show in Emerson Stage’s 2013-2014 season! I’m Sarah Erkert, … Continued