Religions and Mythologies and Writers, Oh My!

By Jake Mouchawar, Production Dramaturg (This Golden Day) This Golden Day features ten religions: Sikhism, Buddhism, Christianity, Wicca, Judaism, Jainism, Taoism, Islam, Hinduism, and Ancient Greece. Eleven professional writers were commissioned by director Devanand Janki to create 5-minute musical theatre pieces revolving around or influenced […]

The Virtual Leaps and Bounds of Corduroy, An Interview With Movement Director Nathaniel Justinano

By Chandler David, Production DramaturgFeaturing Nathaniel Justiniano, Movement Director and Performing Arts Faculty Chandler David:Tell me a little bit about your experience with physical comedy and clowning. Nathaniel Justinano:Sure, I received training in physical theater, commedia, red nose clown, and bouffon at Dell’Arte International School […]

Everybody and Marisol Cast Lists

Thank you to all who auditioned for the first two production of our Spring 2021 semester, Everybody and Marisol. We are pleased to share the cast lists for these productions. EVERYBODY CAST LIST Somebody—Zeiana AndradeSomebody—Emma DavisSomebody—Allison EarlSomebody—Jayse MatrishonSomebody—Amanda VazquezUsher/Understanding/God—Kandyce WhittinghamDeath—Sara TaylorLittle Girl / Time—Ava PetreccaLove—Sarah […]

Dramaturg’s Note for “Amanuensis, or The Miltons” by L M Feldman

By Henry Aceves, Production Dramaturg (NewFest New Play Workshop: Amanuensis, or The Miltons) Our playwright, L, describes Amanuensis, or The Miltons as “a tale, a grapple, a loosely-historically-based feminist fantasia.” The most common association I have with the word “tale” is with a fairy tale: […]