September 2017 Award of Excellence Winners

Clockwise, from left: Anne Isakson, Weiyang Liu, Natalie Hebshie, Korina Figueroa, Adam Engel, Christopher Connors, Illona Yukhayev, Jennifer Stevens

September’s Award of Excellence winners are Anne Isakson (IT) and the Instructional Technology Group (ITG) team.

Anne Isakson has worked at Emerson in the IT department for 21 years. She said of the award, “I would like to thank the committee for giving me this award, and I would like to thank everyone I work with here at Emerson. I am also honored to receive this award with the Instructional Technology Group. Sharing this award with them makes it even more special for me.”

The ITG staff are Christopher Connors, Adam Engel, Korina Figueroa, Natalie Hebshie, Weiyang Liu, Jennifer Stevens, and Illona Yukhayev.

Christopher Connors graduated from Emerson with a BFA in Digital Media Studies in 2003. He started as an instructional technologist in 2012 and has since had the opportunity to become a creative instructional designer. He said of the award, “Winning this award as a team reinforces my belief that I work with incredibly diverse and talented individuals, and that we are indeed a force for positive innovation that is greater than the sum of its parts. I am incredibly proud of my colleagues!”

Adam Engel has been an instructional technologist since June of this year. He said of the award, “I’ve been immensely enjoying my work with Emerson students and faculty, so to receive this award feels like an affirmation that I’m home.”

Korina Figueora has been an instructional technologist since February 2016. She said of the award, “While being able to help is its own reward, having our team be recognized publicly reinforces that our work does make a difference.”

Natalie Hebshie has been a creative instructional designer since Fall 2011. She said of the award, “It feels really nice to be formally recognized as a team. Collaboration is one thing that I think ITG does really well compared to other places where I’ve worked. This will make us a stronger team moving forward!”

Weiyang Liu started as an instructional technologist on July 5 of this year. She said of the award, “The award reinforces my pride in being one member of this amazing group who provides incredible professional technology support in teaching and learning. I give all the credit to my talented colleagues and the instructors I have been working with who always provide us with positive feedback.”

Jennifer Stevens started at Emerson as a creative instructional designer in 2011 and became the director of ITG in 2012. When she started, she was one of two employees in the department—now there are seven employees. She said of the award, “I think that all the credit goes to the hardworking designers and technologists who are quick to answer the phones, emails, and people who walk in looking for help.”

Illona Yukhayev is coming up on her second anniversary as an instructional technologist at Emerson. She said of the award, “It feels good to be recognized for the work we do. It reaffirms my belief that this is the best job I’ve ever had, and that’s greatly in part because of my co-workers.”