October 2017 Award of Excellence Winners

From left to right: Walter Patterson, Amanda Flower, Steve Desy. Not pictured: Stephen Correia, Alex Francis, Daniel Morse.

The ECPD team on duty when a shooting occurred in Boston Common on September 12 is the winner of October’s Award of Excellence.

Stephen Correia has been a police officer at Emerson for six months. He said of the award, “Winning this award is special to me because a lot of the time police work goes unnoticed by many. So it is great to be recognized.”

Steve Desy will be celebrating his fourth anniversary as a lieutenant at Emerson in a few weeks. He said of the award, “I am proud of the people I work with and their professionalism.”

Amanda Flower has been a dispatcher at Emerson for eight months. She said of the award, “I am very proud of myself and this department for receiving this award. In such a short time here and with little experience, I feel I have succeeded from the training and on- the-job situations I have learned from at the ECPD.”

Alex Francis was a Securitas officer at Emerson for seven years before being hired by the ECPD as a dispatcher in 2009. He became a police officer last year after attending the State Police Academy. He said of the award, “Winning the award means a lot to me because it shows that the community appreciates the hard work we put in day in and day out. The evening of the shooting was very chaotic, and I’m proud to say that I and my colleagues did a wonderful job keeping the community safe. And being recognized for it is even more gratifying.”

Daniel Morse is beginning his fourth year as a sergeant at Emerson. He said of the award, “The award demonstrates an appreciation for the services we provide to the Emerson College community.”

Walter Patterson has been a police officer at Emerson since May 2011. He said of the award, “Winning the award along with my coworkers is nice. It’s a reflection of our teamwork here at ECPD.”