April and May 2018 Award of Excellence Winners

The April Award of Excellence winners are Shen de Leon (OHRL) and Ron Smithers (Athletics).

Shen de Leon (holding check and certificate) and the congratulating committee

De Leon is a residence director in Piano Row. He was also an Emersion facilitator for the Office of Student Success and is currently serving as the advisor for the student organization A.S.I.A. He’s been at Emerson since 2017. He said of the award, “Winning this award means that someone…recognized the collaborative work I take part of and how it can contribute to the community. It is a nice affirmation that sometimes even the minority within the majority can also exist and thrive in these spaces. [I feel] pride in the things I have been able to achieve here so far.”


Ron Smithers (holding check) and the congratulating committee

Smithers has been the general manager of the Fitness Center since 2009. He said of the award, “It means a lot to be recognized by fellow staff members.”


John-Albert Moseley (VMA) and Haiyan Wang (IT) both received Awards of Excellence for May.

John-Albert Moseley (holding check) and his colleagues

Moseley is a program coordinator for the VMA Department. He was hired in 2014 as administrative assistant to the chair. He said of the award, “Winning this was a complete surprise to me…I am absolutely humbled.”

Haiyan Wang (holding check) and colleagues

Wang is a senior software applications developer in IT. She has been at Emerson for five years. She said of the award, “The recognition from my colleagues and management is an encouragement to me. Actually, it was great teamwork, and I just did my part.”

Nancy Howell (Marketing)