Summer 2018 Award of Excellence Winners

Allie Boudreau (holding certificate) with the congratulating committee

Allie Boudreau (Iwasaki Library) is one of the summer’s Award of Excellence winners. She has been the interlibrary loan and document delivery supervisor at the Iwasaki Library for a little more than two years. She graduated from Emerson in December 2015 and was a WLP major with a Dance minor.

She said of the award, “Winning this award is INCREDIBLE! My time at Emerson was so important to me and so formative to who I am today, and I feel like maybe I made my mark on it right back. I am so honored to have received this award, and I’m so grateful to my colleagues who nominated me.”

Shana Healy-Kern, Heather Wise, and Justin Sharifipour (holding checks) with colleagues

The Enrollment Technology team, composed of Shana Healy-Kern, Justin Sharifipour, and Heather Wise, is the other Award of Excellence winner for the summer.

Shana Healy-Kern is the enrollment systems lead in Enrollment Management and has worked at Emerson for seven years. She said of the award, “Collaborating with faculty and our fellow staff members…allows us to gain a better insight into how other departments work and develop valuable relationships while improving the student experience. Working as a team with Academic Advising to successfully complete a project feels wonderful and winning this award is the cherry on top of that sundae.”

Justin Sharifipour started his Emerson career in IT and Finance during the Banner system implementation days. He has been a member of Enrollment Management for a little under six years and is currently an assistant vice president for enrollment data and technology. He said of the award, “I greatly appreciate the recognition from our friends and colleagues….The most important reason why I’ve loved working at Emerson is when we have projects…where we come together and make the student experience better.”

Heather Wise graduated from Emerson with a Design/Technology degree in 2013. Her first staff position was in Professional Studies in 2015, after she spent three summers working as a Pre-College staff member. In 2017, she moved to the Enrollment Technology team as assistant director, business systems analyst. She said, “Winning this award feels great…being recognized for my work here is encouraging….I look forward to working on more projects that make an impact across campus.”

Nancy Howell (Marketing)