December 2018 Award of Excellence Winners

Elbert Lee (Media Services) and Nerissa Williams-Scott (Media Technologies and Production) are the December 2018 Award of Excellence winners.

Elbert Lee receives the Award of Excellence
Elbert Lee (holding check) with colleagues

Elbert Lee is a technical services and AV supervisor in the Media Services Center, which is a part of IT. He has worked full time at Emerson for 19 years and graduated from Emerson with a Mass Communication undergraduate degree in 1998. He said, “Winning this award means the community recognizes my strength as the go-to person for classroom media and technology assistance, as well as special events where I can ‘make it happen’ by giving them detailed attention and extra hours. I am extremely honored.”

Nerissa Williams-Scott receives the Emerson Award of Excellence
Nerissa Williams-Scott (holding check) with colleagues

Nerissa Williams-Scott is the assistant sound stage manager for the Paramount Film Sound Stage in the Paramount Center. This winter, she will be celebrating her 10-year anniversary at Emerson. She graduated with an MFA in Producing from Emerson in May 2015. She said of the award, “Winning this award is such a blessing….I love my job and do what I do for the Emerson community because of my love for my alma mater. I don’t do the things I do for recognition or for awards. I see something that needs to be done and I just do it. Nike and I have the same heart! I am overwhelmed and extremely grateful for this honor!”

Nancy Howell (Marketing)