May and June Award of Excellence Winners

Matt Fisher and Erin Glover win Award of Excellence for May 2019
Matt Fisher and Erin Glover (holding checks) with colleagues

Matt Fisher and Erin Glover (Student Accessibility Services) are May’s Award of Excellence winners. Erin Glover is an assistant director and has been at Emerson for four years. She said of the award, “It was an honor to be recognized alongside Matt for the work that we do to support students with disabilities. Students definitely keep us busy, but we strike a balance of working hard, laughing often, and supporting each other when challenging situations arise. I feel so grateful to do what I love alongside my amazing colleagues in SAS and across campus.”

Matt Fisher is also an assistant director and has worked at Emerson for almost seven years. He said of the award, “It means a lot to be recognized for our work, as we strive to ensure each student who works with our office is supported and valued. I love being part of the SAS team, so it was quite a nice surprise to hear Erin and I would share this award! It’s amazing to have such supportive and talented colleagues in SAS as well as throughout Emerson.”

Matt Fabian wins the Award of Excellence for June 2019
Matt Fabian (holding check) and colleagues

Matt Fabian (Registrar’s Office) is the Award of Excellence winner for June. He has been associate registrar for four years. He said of the award, “When a Registrar’s Office is highly visible at a college it’s usually because things keep breaking! So, when our office does our job well, it’s usually the kind of thing that doesn’t get noticed. Bridging the gap while we found a new Registrar was not easy, and I think our team did a great job. Getting this award honestly means a lot to me….I don’t think I could have done it without the help of the rest of the awesome (interim) team: Samantha Starkey, Amanda Wade, and Lauren Labonte.”

Nancy Howell (Communications and Marketing)