September and October Award of Excellence Winners

Delia Buhl receives Emerson Award of Excellence

Delia Buhl, the assistant director of budget and operations in the Iwasaki Library, is the September Award of Excellence winner. She has been at Emerson for four years and is currently enrolled in Emerson’s Business of Creative Enterprises graduate program. She said of the award, “I am overjoyed and feel honored to have won the Award of Excellence. It means a lot to me. I love my job and working in the Iwasaki Library with such great colleagues. Everything I have been able to accomplish is because of them. We are an excellent team and work together to support our community.”

Deb Duran receives Emerson Award of Excellence

Deb Duran, the associate director of program administration for Speech@Emerson, is the October Award of Excellence winner. She has been working at Emerson since March. She said of the award, “It’s an honor to receive the recognition award and to be part of the Emerson community. Although I truly appreciate the recognition, I wouldn’t be successful within my role without each and every one of my colleagues. I’m grateful and appreciative of the wonderful relationships I’ve built within the Speech@Emerson team and across the campus. I’m proud to say I work with an amazing group of individuals who are committed to ensuring employees are recognized for their hard work and dedication.”

Nancy Howell (Communications and Marketing)