April and May Award of Excellence Winners

Zoom screenshot to celebrate Derrek Eno

Derrek Eno, crew chief in Facilities Management, is the April Award of Excellence winner. He has been working in Facilities for 10 years. He said of the award, “I am honored to win this award. It is more of a reflection of the great team I work with every day here at Emerson.”

Zoom screen with people celebrating Matt McMahan

Matthew McMahan, assistant director in the Center for Comedic Arts, is the May Award of Excellence winner. He started at Emerson as term faculty in 2016 to teach the history of comedy, improv, and sketch. In 2018, he shifted to his role in the Center for Comedic Arts. He said of the award, “It is an honor and exceedingly well-timed! I am in my last summer in this role. I am transitioning to a full-time faculty position in Performing Arts in August. So, to receive this award now is incredibly meaningful for me. I consider it a warm recognition of the work we’ve done at the Center for Comedic Arts over the past few years. We are a small but energetic team, and I am routinely amazed by how much we accomplish. I am truly going to miss working with my colleagues in this capacity, and receiving this award makes me feel that even more acutely.”

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Nancy Howell (Communications and Marketing)