Costume Borrowing Procedure and Hours


Who can borrow?

All Emerson students may borrow clothing from stock for use in classes, academic projects, and student organizations. Other schools and individuals rent clothing from us but they must pay for the clothes they rent, unless we have a reciprocal borrowing contract.

How to Borrow:

Book an appointment with our Appointment Calendar. Please leave a general description of what you are looking for, ie. “1930’s murder mystery”, or “labcoats.”  We ask that there are no more than two people per borrowing group in the stock room.  If you want your talent to come try things on they can wait in our lobby and use our restrooms to change.  Filling out our Rental agreement before arriving is preferable, but we can assist you during your visit if necessary.  After you have selected what you would like to borrow, one of our assistants will inventory your items and go over the rental terms with you before you leave.

Approval Terms:

Designers renting large amounts of clothing may request approval terms in which items not being used in the production may be returned without cleaning prior to an agreed upon date.  This date shall be no later than the first day of technical rehearsals or first shooting day.  Clothing returned on approval that is soiled or requires cleaning in any way may be charged cleaning fees, or we may request you clean and return with the rest of your rental. Any clothing items not returned by the approval date must be cleaned prior to return.

Open Stock: 

Consists of washable clothing items that are available to everyone without prior permission. Before being returned the items must be laundered.  If items are returned uncleaned we may charge up to 1 dollar per item to cover our cleaning costs.

Reserve Stock:

Consists of clothing that requires dry cleaning or is of a more delicate or valuable nature. We ask that all those who use reserve stock receive permission from the Costume Shop Supervisor.  This is to ensure you understand our rental policies and are aware of the costs of cleaning. When you return the items you must present a dry cleaning receipt or we will charge you the fees listed below.  If you have borrowed on approval terms you must return all unused items prior to that date in order to avoid being charged cleaning fees on the unused items.

Dry Cleaning Fees:

$10.00 for a Blouse / Dry Clean Only Shirt

$10.00 for a pair of Pants

$17.00 for a Dress

$12.00 for a Sport Coat / Blazer

$18.00 for a Coat

$20.00 for a Suit (Men’s or Women’s 2pc)

$12.00 for Lab / Chef Coats

$10.00 for Sweaters

Non-Rental Items:

Items we do not rent include shoes/footwear, leather goods/furs, the majority of our hats, wigs, socks, undershirts, and hosiery.  We reserve the use of these items for Emerson Stage productions.


Failure to comply with underlying guidelines will result in one or a combination of the following: cleaning fees, late fees, replacement fees, loss of the privilege to pull from the Emerson College Costume Stock, and/or charges billed directly to the borrower’s Emerson student account.

  1. All late costumes are subject to late fees that increase with time—no exceptions.  These fees are posted in the Costume Stock. Please pay attention to your return date and contact the Costume Stock prior to your return date if you will require additional time. 
  2. Costumes MUST BE CLEANED prior to their return.  If an item requires dry cleaning, the item must be professionally cleaned.  Any items returned un-cleaned will be assessed and are subject to additional fees. We reserve the right to ask for any and all dry cleaning receipts as proof of cleaning.
  3. No cutting, dyeing, hot gluing, or any other permanent alterations to garments. Garments cannot be labeled with masking tape. 
  4. Minor alterations such as pant hemming are allowed.  However, the altered costume must be returned in the same or better condition than that in which it was loaned.
  5. Emerson College does not carry insurance to cover lost, stolen, or damaged costumes.  Should any borrowed items be lost, stolen, or damaged, the borrower is completely responsible for them.  At the Costume Shop manager’s discretion, a replacement fee or replacement item will be required for all lost, stolen or damaged costumes.
  6. Note that the Costume Stock reserves the right to revoke pulling privileges for any reason it deems necessary and can also charge directly to Emerson student accounts for unpaid fees and/or unreturned costumes.
  7. Student Organizations—if any member is assessed a fee, the group forfeits borrowing privileges until the fee is paid.

Hours of Operation:

Monday and Wednesday: 12:30 – 3:00 pm

Tuesday and Thursday: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Friday: 12:00 – 3:00 pm

Contact Information:

Please contact the Costume Stock at, or (617) 824-3784, if you have any questions.

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