Green Production Seal

Green Production Certification and reimbursement process Overview:

This VMA department initiative has developed a “Green Production Certification” seal that recognizes student capstone productions that meet rigorous green production standards, along with a reimbursement budget of 100$ for eligible projects.  

If you are interested in participating and joining the effort to advance our sustainable practices at VMA follow the steps presented here. 

Notify the Green Production Committee at least 10 days prior to the start of principal photography on your production, declaring their intention to participate in the program. (Use this link) 

► Adhere to at minimum 15 of the 39 green production guidelines during your production. Alternatively, students may provide a document explaining what alternative decisions they made towards ensuring a lesser environmental effect. Use this link to submit your guidelines response after your production is done or you have accomplished the minimum requirements. 

► The Green Production Committee will review all application materials, and recognize projects that meet “Green Production  Certification” requirements. 

In order to apply for the  100$ reimbursement, you need to be an Approved Green Production project, having records of your spending, and applying using this link.

Contact Homa_sarabidaunais@e with any questions and concerns or to schedule a meeting time.

View the complete guidelines here.

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