Prop Rental for spring 2022

Emerson Stage is committed to keeping its prop storage spaces open and available to student borrowers during the Fall 2021 semester. We recognize that our collection is an important resource for Performing Arts and Visual & Media Arts students, Emerson Stage productions, and student theatre groups. Please review the following guidelines we are implementing to ensure the safety of all borrowers utilizing both the Somerville warehouse and our 4M hand props storage:

Please note: we reserve the right to make changes to the below policies in order to better safeguard the Emerson community.

Somerville Warehouse, 50 Tufts St

  1. The warehouse will be open on Wednesdays, 2pm – 5pm, Thursdays, 2pm – 5pm, Fridays, 10am – 12pm, for both borrowing and returns. The warehouse will be closed on holidays.
  2. You MUST make an appointment with Emerson Stage props staff at least 48 hours in advance so we can ensure social distancing and follow the College’s de-densification protocols. To make an appointment, please email Ryan Bates at and Lauren Corcuera at, and let us know if you have any time preferences. We will assign you to a 2 hour block of time (i.e. 12p-2p, 1p-3p, 2p-4p) on your chosen day. Borrowers who do not make an appointment will be turned away at the door.
  3. Any changes to the warehouse schedule will be announced on the Emerson Props Warehouse Facebook page.
  4. You must wear a mask in the warehouse at all times. Gloves and hand sanitizer are provided if desired.
  5. Please maintain at least 3’ of distance from warehouse staff and other borrowers. 
  6. You must bring enough labor to help you move large objects – if you think you’ll need a couch, bring a friend to help you move it! Warehouse staff may not be available to help you, but let us know if you are unsure about how to move something safely.
  7. You will need to sign everything you are taking out with warehouse staff. Please bring your own writing utensil! Staff will ask to see your Emerson ID.
  8. Plan in advance for what you need as much as possible. An online inventory can be found at:


  1. The 4M schedule varies by semester. An email will be sent out to the PA community with the schedule.
  2. Unlike the warehouse, you do not need to make an appointment. However, you may need to wait when you arrive as we can only allow one borrower into 4M at a time to preserve social distancing.
  3. You must wear a mask in 4M at all times. Gloves and hand sanitizer are provided if desired.
  4. To access 4M, please go to the 4M door in the stairwell between the 4th and 5th floors in Tufte. A student employee will be present; let them know you are there to borrow from 4M, and they will let you into the storage space. 
  5. When you are done locating your props, the student employee will help you sign out the props you are borrowing. Please bring your own writing utensil!

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