Meet the Staff

headshot of Henry Johnston

Henry Johnston


Henry Johnston is a Junior VMA major from Columbia, South Carolina and is currently the director of Emerson Channel Sports. Henry has worked for ESPN, Skycam, and the Pawsox in various broadcast roles and has also served as the Director of the 38th Annual EVVYs Gala. Henry enjoys spending time with his friends, messing around in After Effects, and when the Dallas Cowboys lose.

headshot of Joey MacNeil

Joey MacNeil

Executive Producer

Joey is a Junior VMA major and Sports Communication minor from Tewksbury, Massachusetts, and is an executive producer for Emerson Channel Sports.

Joey has had a variety of jobs, ranging from a producer department to manufacturing bulletproof products, as well as working at Boston 25 News. In addition to ECS, Joey is also the captain of the Men’s Cross Country team at Emerson.

headshot of TY Zhang

TY Zhang

Executive Producer

Tianyu Zhang is a sophomore sports communication major from Shanghai, China. He was just like every freshman into the college eager to find an org to join and he chose Emerson Channel Sports. He regularly came to games and learned new things about broadcasting on live events. He was a big fan of soccer but he stopped watching it because he found out that football was actually more interesting to watch.

headshot of Katherine Foultz

Katherine Foultz

Head Photographer

Kate Foultz is a senior Sports Communication major from Thousand Oaks, California and Head Photographer of Emerson Channel Sports. Kate spent the past summer as a photographer for the Pawtucket Red Sox and also assisted on shoots for Reebok and the Martin Richard Foundation. She is also a member of the Women’s Basketball team and enjoys spending time with her twin sister, hiking, playing the piano, and searching for good Mexican food in Boston.

headshot of Miguel Angel Lopez Rojas

Miguel Angel Lopez Rojas

Director of Sports Marketing

Miguel Angel is a Mexican American photographer and content creator. He grew up living in the United States, Mexico, Portugal, France, Brazil and Switzerland. Currently, Miguel Angel is studying Communication Studies and Journalism.

Outside the classroom, he is the Social Media Manager for the Men’s Soccer team and Director of Sports Marketing for Emerson Channel Sports.