Covid Plan Form

The Covid Captain program is a new canvas course. All students and VMA production faculty have access to this course. On Canvas, you will have access to all the Covid-19 information needed regarding your productions, and after reviewing the information and studying the guideline you will need […]


I, the undersigned, grant Emerson College and those acting with the authority and permission of Emerson College the absolute rights and permission to use, reproduce, copy, exhibit or distribute the videotape, audio tape, photographs, or computer files (referred to hereafter as “Product”) in which I […]

Emerson Minors Policy

Emerson College Minors PolicyWhen working with minors as actors, a guardian mustalways be on set. This applies to all minors under 18 yearsold, which overrides the current safety manual. The guardianmust sign the Minors Talent Release form.You must read, understand, and sign, the Emerson College […]