The Project

The Data Fluencies Theatre Project at Emerson College is an artistic research project that aims to extend and make accessible to wider publics the work developed in the multi-institutional Mellon-funded Data Fluencies Project by mobilizing theatrical performance’s potential to build data fluencies that are grounded in and honor embodied experience. Led by Dr. Ioana Jucan, the project brings together an interdisciplinary team to co-create a participatory, devised, hybrid multimedia performance that engages with algorithmic and AI systems. The performance’s hybrid format aims to expand access and engage the Internet as both a stage for performance and an object of investigation and critique.

Additionally, the project seeks to engage students through data fluencies play workshops, thereby fostering an inclusive environment that encourages critical reflection on the implications of technological advancement.

The Performance

Blending theatrical conventions, choreographed movement, hip-hop, and artistic experiments with machine learning, (Machine) Learning to Be is a devised performance that seeks to challenge established systems of control. Both online and in person, audiences will explore alternative modes of engaging with our data-filled world in ways that open possibilities for more equitable futures alongside AI.

The performance features a custom-built online venue developed in partnership with CultureHub.

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