Red Sox and Paw Sox Executive Joins Emerson’s Team

Steinburg and studentsDr. Charles Steinberg, president of the Pawtucket Red Sox and executive of the Boston Red Sox, was named the Director of Sports Communication at Emerson College in February. Steinberg taught a class in the sports communication program last fall and the past two spring semesters groups of students have worked for him and the Paw Sox on PR campaigns. He will remain working with the Paw Sox and Red Sox while he is director of the sports communication program.

Steinberg became involved with Emerson through a family friend who attends Emerson. After Steinberg was introduced to Dr. Gregory Payne and Spencer Kimball, it was apparent Emerson’s communication program could use someone who has been in the communication business since he was 17-years-old working for the Baltimore Orioles. From there, Dr. Steinberg¬†taught one night class in the Fall and continued to be involved with Emerson students.Steinberg02 web1200

Not only does Emerson have the only sports communication program in the country, but the program director is an executive of a professional baseball team. With Steinberg heading the sports communication program, he brings a new perspective for students from many years of experience and is passionate about passing on what he has learned to the next generation.

Note: ¬†This article was written by one of Steinberg’s current students, Jill Gearin.

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