Saying Goodbye to the Little Building!

Rachel Gomes, ’23

Ending my first year of college obviously did not go as I envisioned when the year started. Moving into Little Building in the fall was a dream come true for someone moving away from home for the first time. Knowing that the bedrooms, bathrooms, furniture and common spaces were brand new made me have a much easier time saying goodbye to my parents when the time came. I truly could not have asked for a better location, living right in downtown Boston, close to my classes, parks, restaurants and coffee shops. I never had to worry about where I was going to get a snack or coffee, having two Starbucks, a CVS and the Max Cafe all within a block from me. Not to mention, there is a T stop literally right across the street from Little Building, that could take me just about anywhere in Boston I wanted to go.

I will never forget the memories that I made in Little Building. Not only was my room the ideal dorm for any incoming freshman, but Little Building had so many spots to hang out and meet new people. Everywhere you turned, there was always a friendly face, a new person to meet. Whether I needed a quiet spot to study, or a TV to watch my favorite show with my friends, Little Building always offered me a spot to stay. I know that I am not alone in saying that the friendships that I have made my first year here are forever. 

Emerson College Information Session – BMCC

Living on campus at Emerson this year made me feel safe, supported and so excited to come back. Saying goodbye to Little Building was really hard, especially considering how sudden we had to leave. Nevertheless, I always felt like I had someone I could turn to when times got tough, whether that was a friend, an RA, or ResLife. Having to pack up and say goodbye to all of my friends was heartbreaking for us all, but it only makes me even more excited and hopeful to come back in the fall. 

Having my last classes and end of the year celebrations back at home is hard, knowing that I should be in Boston with my fellow classmates. But looking back at my first year at Emerson, I can confidently say that every incoming freshman is bound to have the time of their lives here.

I am excited for what the future holds for the rest of my Emerson career and I can proudly say that being at Emerson for my freshman year has been one of the greatest journeys of my life.

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