Moving Out of the Dorms

Written by: Rachel Gomes, Class of ’23

As we near the end of the spring 2021 semester, moving out of the dorms is definitely something students should have on their minds to ensure everything goes as planned. First, you should make sure your student has arranged a move-out time. This can be done through the Emerson College Housing portal that is currently open. Move-out dates begin on April 19th until April 30th. If your student has class or other extenuating circumstances they are able to move out through May 3rd by contacting the Housing and Residential Education office. 

Getting an early start to packing is always a good idea! Boxes are available for students to start packing some things they know won’t be used this last week. For example, I packed a box full of sweatshirts and sweatpants I know I won’t be wearing this week. I also started to box up some shoes and winter clothes I know I won’t be needing this week, like my snow boots! A little goes a long way. Some students may decide they want to store or ship their belongings here in Boston. This is possible as Emerson has partnered with On-Demand Storage for all shipping and storage needs. Students can go to the Little Building from April 19 – May 4 and can drop off their already packaged up boxes for storage. Some students may want to store things such as mini-fridges, microwaves, extra luggage, winter coats. Moving carts are available for thirty-minute periods to move boxes from one dorm to the Little Building. If your student is using a different storage company, they will have to arrange those plans. 

When checking out of the room for the last time of the semester, it’s important that you make sure your student has all of their belongings. We love a good checklist and taking a minute or two to create a simple moving out checklist may save you! I already created a checklist for myself to remember to check every drawer in my room before leaving. I’m sure we have all thought that we checked everything until you are on your way home and realize you left something in a drawer or closet. It happens! Make sure your student checks every drawer and every crevice before they leave. 

Along with forgetting belongings, if your student is missing their key to their room, they will be charged $25 for it. Your student can also be charged $50 if they don’t fill out the Express Checkout Envelope or is improperly filled out. 

If your student still has questions about anything regarding moving out, they can reach out to their RA’s, the Residential Director(s) or the Housing Residential Education office. 

I hope everyone has a safe move-out! See you next semester 🙂

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