Inside Look at Class Registration


By: Rachel Gomes, ’23


The spring semester is right around the corner, along with course registration! Your student can add classes for registration through eCommon. However, these class choices aren’t immediately binding. After registration ends, your student can drop or add additional classes through eCommon as well.

It’s important to note what year and how many credits your student has completed when seeking to register for classes. For example, since I am a freshman with essentially zero fully completed credits, I can register for classes on Thursday, 11/14 at 7:30 a.m. Emerson wants to ensure that the upperclassmen are given the first picks at classes that they may need to fulfill their graduation requirements, so they register a bit earlier.

As a first-year student, our classes are already chosen for us by our academic advisors and other faculty, so it’s really a matter of changing for time and/or professor preference. I’m also a journalism student, so I am required to take the base level journalism courses during my first year. Thankfully, our counselors keep that in mind when creating our schedules. In addition, every first-year student is also required to take a liberal arts class. This is a class that can be dropped, if replaced by another class that would fulfill the requirement.

In short, your student’s registration experience will greatly differ based on their class year and major. Though determining the next semester’s schedule can sometimes be a stressful experience, rest assured that your student’s advisors can offer guidance. With the next semester planned, it’s just crunch time for finals before your student can enjoy the long Winter Break!

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