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Welcome parents and family members of Emerson students!  It is a pleasure to bring you our new weekly blog, designed to keep you informed of happenings on the Boston campus. We will introduce members of the Emerson team who work to create a welcoming, safe, inclusive environment to support the academic endeavors of your students, as well as examine issues of importance to the community.

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We are delighted to introduce Tamia Jordan to parents and families. She has quickly become a sparkling presence in Student Affairs.  Her letter to you follows:  

TAMIAI’m so excited to have joined the Emerson College community last semester. As Emerson’s new Director of Intercultural Student Affairs, my charge is to take the firm foundation laid by the previous director and build upon it in a variety of ways. I contribute to Emerson’s value of inclusive excellence by creating educational programming, providing intercultural context to appropriate campus committees, advising Emerson’s cultural and affinity student organizations, and serving as a resource and guide for students from traditionally marginalized communities.

At an early age, I internalized a philosophy of “freedom” being defined as individuals ability to be who they are authentically. That philosophy is at the core of what I’ve been brought to Emerson to do. I plan to amplify the voices of and deepen the support services for students from diverse backgrounds.

While at Emerson, your students will challenge and develop their background beliefs and ideals with respect to issues of diversity and difference. They will consider their own and others race, gender, sexuality, national origin, ethnicity, and social class and their space and place in society. For some of your students I’ll serve as a kind of mentor, supporting them as they endeavor to define and refine their philosophies and ideologies on these critical areas of identity.  

It’s also worth noting that I am no stranger to working with creative students, having most recently served as Director of Student Activities at Berklee College of Music for just under 9 years. I want you to know that I am deeply passionate about the arts and find purpose in supporting artists. I’ve been fortunate to have experienced artistic expression in variety of communities and cultural settings. When I serve as a bridge-builder and resource connector across cultures, I feel I am closest to living my life’s purpose. So it is an honor for me to work with your students as they pursue their education in creative professions.

Over the next few months I will continue immersing myself in my new community, taking time to learn the ways in which Emerson excels in the areas of diversity and inclusion, as well as Emerson’s opportunities for growth in these areas. Once I’ve had some time in my new position acquiring input and advice from faculty staff students and alumni, I plan to re-articulate the mission and vision of Intercultural Student Affairs at Emerson College. At that time you hear from me again with additional details about the way forward.

In the meantime do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions. I thank you so much for your time and attention and I look forward to my journey ahead as an Emersonian.

Spring Family Day Header
Spring Family Day SidebarBring your family to campus for the day to catch a glimpse of the Emerson experience and to support our Basketball teams in their final games of the season!

The schedule will be packed from 10:00am to 5:30pm with seminars, sports, tours, and more.

Spring Family Day is help primarily for the families of January 2017 new students, but all are welcome!

More information and registration for Spring Family Day will be coming soon.

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