Student Profile – Kali Crago

My name’s Kalie and I’m the new graduate intern at the Parent and Family Office! Between writing blog posts for the Parent and Family website, I’m in my second semester in the Public Relations graduate program here at Emerson. Emerson’s Public Relations program has three tracks to choose from; Political Communication and Sports Communication in addition to Strategic Communication, the path I have chosen to study. So far I’ve had a wonderful experience in my new program. We’re one of the best Communication programs in the nation, after all! Between learning how to write press releases, create polls, and navigate an organizational crisis, studying Public Relations at Emerson has been one of the most engaging of my life.

Before coming to Boston, I double majored in English Literature and Cinema at Denison University in Ohio, graduating in the spring of 2018. Like many of your students, I’m still getting used to living in a big city and adjusting to a new educational environment. But to me, the biggest adjustment has been living so far away from my family. During undergrad, I lived 45 minutes outside of my hometown of Columbus. Moving nearly 700 miles away from the place I had lived the first 22 years of my life was definitely a big adjustment for both me and my family.

When I asked my mother about her opinion on the experience, she said that as an undergraduate, having me close to home was a relief. She noted that “the distance allowed you to become independent, but you still had a safety net. If something happened, we were only 45 minutes away.” However, she also agreed that moving so far from home was an impactful experience for me as well. “It was hard to have you far from home at first,” she told me, “but we know that you are a capable student and you have the resources at Emerson should you need help. Being in a large, busy city has matured you and shown you another dimension to the world. Your father and I are very secure with the knowledge that you are doing well and experiencing new things.”

If my experience can show you anything, it’s that your student can and will succeed if they’re living 5 miles from home or 500. By making the most of my coursework and experiencing all that the city and Emerson have to offer, I’ve found that I can thrive just as well in Boston as I did in Ohio.

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