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Now that we are getting into the new semester, one thing that is on many students’ minds is finding a way to spend their time outside the classroom. In most cases, students turn to Emerson’s co-curricular activities as a way to not only make connections and have fun, but also to have a practical application of some of the skills they have learned, or will learn, in the classroom. But how do students get involved in these organizations? Here are a few tips in order for your student to make the most of their co-curricular opportunities:

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  • Attend the Organization Fair
    • At the beginning of every semester, Orientation hosts an Organization Fair for anyone looking to get involved in groups on campus. This is a great way to see everything the school has to offer, as well as meet some people from each organization that can help you decide what is best for you. Last week, we held the Winter Organization Fair to a great turnout, but if your student missed it, they can email to get connected with organizations that meet their interests and look through the Student Organization List on Emerson’s website.
  • Follow Organizations on Social Media
    • Almost every group on campus has a social media account. From Facebook to Instagram and Twitter, this is another great way to stay up-to-date on activities in order to be more involved.

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  • Join their Mailing Lists
    • Some organizations have set up their own mailing lists so that your student can receive information about activities, events, and various ways to be included in the festivities.
  • Attend Events
    • This may sound redundant, but go see what an organization offers to the Emerson community. From a theatrical performance to a book launch, each group has a way to share its accomplishments with anyone who desires to participate.
  • Get out and make connections
    • The best piece of advice I received my first year was to get out there and explore what may interest you. The way I see it, you can only meet so many people through the internet or the comfort of your residence hall or apartment. So get up and get involved. That kind of determination and desire is not only recognized, but sincerely encouraged.

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  • Reach Beyond Emerson
    • If there is something your student wants to do that Emerson does not provide, Boston is bustling with community service opportunities and organizations right around the corner.
  • Quality over Quantity
    • Many Emerson students like to do a lot of different things, and sometimes that can stretch them too thin, which may even hurt their grades or self care over time. If they seem to be stressed and pulled in a plethora of directions, have a conversation with them to find ways they can best spend their time and still be able to commit to the classroom.

These organization want help from your student in order to be the best they can be. Always encourage your student to never give up on what they hope to achieve during their time here, and to always make every moment count.

And encourage them to bring a friend along. The more the merrier.

Joshua Shelor is a senior at Emerson.

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