Spring 2017 Internship and Career Fair

emerson-internship-fair16On Thursday, March 23, the office of Career Services will be hosting the Spring 2017 Internship and Career Fair!

From 12:30-3:30 in the Bobbi Brown & Steven Plofker Gym, the Internship and Career Fair gives students the ability to meet and explore a variety of opportunities for employment.

Each fall and spring semester, Career Services hosts an Internship Fair with approximately  50 employers offering internship opportunities for Emerson students. The range of organizations is diverse. In recent years, the Boston Ballet, The Boston Globe, Cone, Gray & Rice PR, Houghton Mifflin, The Rock & Roll Library, and WGBH were just a few of the organizations represented. This year, we will host a CareerExpo featuring both job openings and internships.

An Internship & Career fair is an excellent place for students to explore opportunities at a number of organizations at the same time. Students are able to speak directly with representatives from the organizations and gather information about the available positions. It also helps students connect with employers better than sending résumés to email addresses.

Parents and family members are great resources for our current students.  If you have or know of an internship possibility within the arts and communication fields, email careers@emerson.edu 

Some quick tips you might want to share with your student about how to prepare for the fair:

  • Check out who will be at the fair and make a list of employers they want to talk to.
  • Research target companies and develop some questions that they can ask.
  • Create an introduction they can use when they walk up to an employer’s table.
  • Make and bring copies of their résumé.
  • Be prepared to talk with employers about what they are looking for in an internship, as well as what they have to offer them (skills, past experience, etc).
  • Dress professionally

Students are not limited to internships promoted at the internship fair. LionHire hosts thousands of internship opportunities that may meet their internship goals, as well as any full-time, part time jobs and gigs related to their field of study.

For more information about the event, as well as some photos from previous fairs, go to the Career & Internship Fair website.

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