Registering For Fall Semester

Written by: Rachel Gomes

With the spring semester quickly coming to an end, it’s important to keep in mind that fall registration for classes are happening soon! 

Make sure to remind your student to check their Emerson student email regularly. The start of fall registration begins on April 12th and ends on April 20th. Depending on how many credits your student has (this can be checked on DegreeWorks), will correlate to which day they are eligible to register for the fall semester. DegreeWorks is an extremely helpful resource for your student. It shows which credits are still needed not only for your major but for necessary requirements that aren’t your students’ major/minor. If your student is unsure about what classes they need, be sure to have them check in with their academic advisor during walk-in hours via starting this Friday, April 9th. Your student’s academic advisor will go through their Degree Works audit with them to figure everything out. 

Students who are closer to graduating, usually register earlier to ensure they complete their necessary credits before graduation. 

You can browse which classes are being offered at:

Your students’ registration experience will differ based on their class year and major. Though determining next semester’s schedule can be a stressful process, rest assured that your student advisors are here to offer guidance.

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