Handling Academic Stress

by: Kalie Crago

With just a month left until Thanksgiving break, the semester is quickly coming to a head. Your student may be feeling stressed and find that tests, projects, and other assignments are beginning to pile up. While some students thrive in these conditions, others may find themselves struggling at this point in the semester. Thankfully, if your student finds themselves in this position, there are many ways they can seek help.

The most straightforward step in helping your student is encouraging them to get in contact with their professors and take advantage of office hours. Professors can provide individual insight to your student’s performance, give guidance on assignments and even offer study tactics to help your student improve on their weaknesses.

Academic stress hits

One of the best parts of Emerson is its small class sizes in which professors really get to know their students. When hitting academic roadblocks, this becomes one of the best avenues for improvement. Once students reach out the first time, it becomes easier and easier.

While the importance of time management might sometimes be overlooked, it is also one of the most integral aspects of success when adjusting to a college environment. Have your student look over their syllabi and create weekly time tables to hash out time for studying, homework, class, clubs, and other commitments. This schedule can be adjusted during crunch times such as finals week as well. While keeping your student on a set schedule to ensure their academic success, this exercise will also teach your student important skills such as prioritization.

Finally, have your student seek out any other academic opportunities on campus. Having trouble with papers? Make an appointment with The Writing Center! Struggling with speech delivery and anxiety? Check out the Emerson Speech Lab! In addition, certain classes have teaching assistants that offer tutoring sessions by appointment. If not, professors may be able to point students to other programs which may be able to offer assistance.

Watching your student struggle academically can be stressful and upsetting, whether your family is 5 or 5,000 miles away. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources for your student to take advantage of to help them through this time. You can gently guide them to the resources surrounding them.  Adjusting to the rigor of college academics can be a long and arduous process, but with the right amount of help and guidance, your student will undoubtedly persevere.  

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