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Zac Ladouceur, ’20

Here at Emerson, we believe that all students should do what they love.

In case you, or your student, missed the Organization Fair at the start of this semester… don’t fret! EmConnect is our new home for all recognized Student Organizations on Emerson’s Campus. On EmConnect students are able to find any and all information they will need to find their perfect fit with a Student Organization.

Whether your student already knows which group they want to join, or is just looking to try something new, everything they need is at their fingertips. On EmConnect they will easily be able to access all recognized Student Organizations and their profile pages. All they have to do is log on and create their own profile to begin the search! (Note:  Parents and family members are not able to log onto this site, but your student can demonstrate for you.) On each Student Org page, students can find information about the group, a calendar of the groups upcoming shows, events or upcoming activities around campus or the community. Students can also find a list of current members as well as their Executive Board, and all necessary information to contact these groups and organizations for more information!

Cultural Student Leadership Retreat

As well as Student Organizations, you can also find all our Campus Departments. All of their information, as well as a calendar of any upcoming events they are hosting or participating in can be found on their pages, in addition to how to get in touch with that office or department. Some of the many Campus Departments that can be found on EmConnect include, Center for Spiritual Life, Career Services, and Emerson Counseling and Psychological Services(ECAPS).


Some of the other things that are readily available on EmConnect are some common links that students may need to navigate some of the services here on campus. These helpful links can be found at the bottom right of the Main Page as soon as students open up EmConnect. One resource that can be found there is Spacebook, a helpful tool that assists students in reserving studio or classroom space on campus for various theatre, recreational, or academic uses. Another link that is on this list is ECommon, which many are already familiar with. ECommon allows students to readily access their grades and transcripts, courses listings, student employment time sheets, and many other necessary links and information.

EmConnect is the perfect hub for all things Emerson. Whether students are looking to join a new club or organization, or just looking for a theatre or comedy troupe show to see this Friday, EmConnect has it all. It has never been easier to get involved here at Emerson. However, whether a new student or a last semester Senior, Emerson students tend to fall into the trap of, gasp, overcommitment! Emerson students, too busy? Unheard of! In the words of Uncle Ben, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

So I proclaim this warning to all students, families and staff alike. Browse responsibly! It can become easy to get caught up in the excitement and glamour of all the wonderful things happening here on Emerson’s campus. Try to fight the normalization of being too busy and over-committed! It is okay for students to only do one organization a semester, or even one a year! The mental, physical, and emotional well being of students will always be paramount to participation in clubs and organizations! The Director of Student Engagement and Leadership’s Jason Meier advises that students “try to pick two organizations or clubs a semester. One that supplements your major and what you’re learning in class, and then one that’s just something you have fun doing!” This is a great way for students to stay on top of academics, extracurriculars, and personal health and wellness. At least until students become masters at multitasking.

EmConnect is the one-stop shop when it comes to finding the best place for students here at Emerson. We hope that students work it into their regular online routine.



As always you can reach the Office of Parent and Family Programs at:




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