Summer Plans


By Zac Ladouceur, ’20

I hope you all are wishing for warmer weather as much as I am! It’s crazy to think that it is almost the end of our semester and we’re still experiencing the cold and rain! Hopefully these April showers will bring some much needed sunshine!

As we wrap up our Spring semester, I wanted to talk about some of the great things that our students might be doing this summer on their time off from school! With such a diverse and widespread student body, there is no shortage of interesting and fun things to do and see across the US and the world! Whether it’s going back home and enjoying a relaxing summer at home or traveling with friends or family, we hope there are no shortages of fun to be had for you and your students and families this summer break!

One student I interviewed will be working this summer in Salem, Massachusetts as a Historical Reenactment actor for the many shows and attractions in Salem. During the summers, tourists can come and see reenactments of the famous Salem Witch Trials that students across the country still learn about today in school. The trials occurred in 1693, and still stand as one of the most famous moments in American and Massachusetts State history! If you’re in the Boston area, consider seeing some of our own students in some of the great performances there!

Other students are taking the summer to travel. Some of the students I spoke with have plans to go to places as close as Montreal, and as far as India and Australia! Traveling is one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences that we get to have as young adults. Whether during the school year with study abroad, or during break, they are experiences that we may not get any other time in our lives. This makes traveling and exploring the world such a sought after activity. One of our soon-to-be graduates is taking the summer to road trip across the country to experience the great sights, cities, and wonderful views of the USA.

Some students will be taking time this summer to just relax, spend time with their families, and work through the break to save up some money. While maybe not as exuberant as traveling or getting to see or do all these crazy things, it isn’t always a drab. Like the student working in Salem, students can make their summer jobs fun and exciting. At the very least, making the best of their situation and enjoying their time while preparing to come back to Boston at the end of the summer.

So whether across the globe, or at home in their backyard, our students are anxious to finish the semester and have some much deserved time off. Whether you see your student all summer or for just a few weeks, know that we appreciate all the hard work you do on your end as parents, families, and support systems to make sure our students have the best experience at Emerson so they can continue having the best experiences over summer! While we wrap up the school year, make sure to keep updated with all info and updates about events throughout the end of the year and over the summer!

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