Combatting Isolation

By: Kalie Crago ’20

The past few weeks have been rife with change, uncertainty and fear. As the days move on and we all begin to settle into our new “normal,” one of the biggest differences in our lives is our new social sphere. In the age of social distancing, it’s normal for all of us to feel such emotions as sadness, boredom and loneliness. Thankfully, technology gives us multiple avenues to combat isolation and connect with others.

As many of us turn to movies and television to pass the time, one good resource is Netflix Party. Netflix Party allows users to simultaneously watch any movie or TV show on the platform, while also allowing users to “talk” to one another during the show using a chat function. For those who want to catch up on shows with their friends, this is a great resource.

Are You Still Watching?” : Netflix Subscription is Worth it ...Another way we can connect is through the use of gaming apps. Apps such as Jackbox.TV allow users to play different internet-based games and puzzles simultaneously with friends. Playing games with loved ones brings family game night to the digital era. Using these games, we can help each other stave off loneliness and have a little fun while we’re at it.

Finally, for those looking for a “lower tech” solution, an old-fashioned phone call will do the trick. Call up old friends, neighbors or family members to check in and help build connections during this stressful time. Chances are, they’ll be glad to hear from you too.

As we take this pandemic a day at a time, remember to connect with those around you. Even if we’re unable to meet face-to-face, we can band together to weather these uncertain times.

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