Happy New (School) Year!

By Kalie Crago, ’20

The new school year has finally arrived! For nervous first-years, the last few weeks have been fraught with anticipation of move-in day, orientation and the start of their very first college classes. Returning students are more familiar with the pattern of life at Emerson and are sure to have exciting plans for the year ahead. Although all our students may have an expectation for the coming months, a new school year is rife with brand new possibilities!

There are so many things both new and returning students can take advantage of during the new school year. One great way for your student to integrate themselves into the Emerson community is by joining new organizations. Students can cultivate interests both old and new and forge relationships through Emerson’s multitude of student groups. Did your student miss the Org Fair, or are they just interested in learning more about student groups at Emerson? EmConnect is a great resource where one can learn more about student organizations, upcoming campus events and read Emerson news. Make sure your student takes advantage of all these opportunities!

However, a new school year isn’t all fun and games. Your student has a tough few months ahead of them full of homework, tests, papers, and a multitude of other assignments. One way to help relieve this pressure is for your student to familiarize themselves with their professors. Professors will typically have scheduled office hours in which students can drop by without notice to discuss class content, their work, or any other questions that may arise. If your student can’t make office hours, professors can typically make an appointment via email. Professors at Emerson are incredibly approachable, so don’t let your students feel intimidated. They’re there to help your student learn!

The beginning of a new school year is often a time of both anticipation and reflection. Let your student look back upon past school years and decide what habits they’d like to keep and improve upon. Although this time of year can sometimes be overwhelming, make sure to remind them what a welcoming place Emerson is. Should they run into any roadblocks in the coming months, help is all around.

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