Perspective of a First-Year Student




By Rachel Gomes, ‘23

Last month, I, along with more than a thousand other first-year students, departed and said goodbye to our homes and began the final path on the Road to Emerson! The anticipation of move-in day was surreal. It truly didn’t hit me that I would be living in Boston until I laid my head down on the pillow to the sounds of traffic and nightlife on that first night. 

I am so grateful to be the first class to live in the brand new residence, the Little Building. My traditional double room facing Tremont Street is astonishing and the view is amazing and something I will never not be awed by. One of my favorite things in the Little Building are the several large common rooms that are available on every floor. The common rooms are a great place to get together with other students and work on class assignments or to just hang out and study! Every other floor has a fully functioning kitchen and seating/dining area. Although personally I do not cook, I have seen many students making their favorite homemade meals on the stoves. 

Orientation week was definitely a highlight of my year so far. I was presented with all of the great opportunities and resources that were available to me as an Emerson College student and learned about the ins and outs of creating a successful first year here at Emerson. Since then, I have received a flux of emails from my academic advisors and different programs unique to my major. As a journalism major, there are mentor programs that will help us with anything that has to do with the subject. There are many more that would be unique to your student and their major, so I recommend that your student takes full advantage of them. Transitioning from high school to college can be tough, but I’ve found it to be manageable as there are numerous resources available on campus to help us through the process. 

I am so proud to be a first-year Emersonian. I feel so welcomed and excited to expand my academic career here in Boston!

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