Is Your Student Stressed? Lonely?

By Kalie Crago, Graduate Intern, ’20

Whether your student is a new first year or a seasoned senior, college can continue to be a big adjustment. Your student might be feeling stressed, sad, or homesick; all of which are completely normal emotions for a college student to go through. But what should you do when the cloud won’t lift? 

If your student is going through a tough time, know that they aren’t alone, and that help is readily available. Mental health services are available through Emerson Counseling and Psychological Services, also known as ECAPS. Students can receive short-term individual counseling, support groups, and crisis intervention. Should your student need long-term care, counselors at ECAPS can refer them to a suitable clinician. Information for how to make an appointment can be found on the ECAPS EmConnect page.

Students can also find on-campus support through student groups. Active Minds, for example, is a student group that attempts to decrease stigma against mental illness through advocacy and dialogue. And though you now may be living far away, family relationships and connections are another great way to help your student. Just a short phone call or video message can help relieve stress and remind your student that there are others on their side.

Although it’s difficult to see your student struggling, know that they can and will persevere. Your student has several avenues of support on campus, so remind them that they’re not alone and help is available.

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