Sustainability Team

Sustainability Fellows

Katie Koenig

Position: Sustainability Research Fellow 

Area of study: Creative Writing 

Class Year: Sophomore 

What are you working on as a fellow?: For work, I’m working on regular updates to the Sustainability blog about recent innovations intended to improve pre-existing technological carbon footprints and how we Emerson students can interact with and take part in such changes. I am also researching and will write up a proposal for the Emerson administration on the most effective way to institute more direct improvements to our carbon footprint in order to reach Emerson’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Why do you care about sustainability?:  Since I was little, I was raised with an emphasis on sustainable living practices, which is understandable considering I grew up in California. Nowadays, I place a lot of importance on living with a sustainable mentality in order to support the subsequent mindful lifestyle. Although change on an individual level doesn’t have the greatest immediate impact, I believe that it’s important to live the change I’m trying to implement on a larger, systematic scale by getting involved in campus functions and social activism. Although it often requires a specific mentality, living with it has shown me that I can make significant changes to my own carbon footprint through small acts on a daily basis, and can even influence others to act similarly.

Ava Tribe

Position: Sustainability Communication Fellow

Area of study: Political Communication, minor in Environmental Studies

Class Year: Fall 2024

What are you working on as a fellow?: This semester, I’m focusing my efforts on marketing and communicating sustainability on campus through making graphics, posts, flyers, and working on the sustainability eco-news and blogs. In addition, I’m continuing to work on making fun events, supporting general initiatives with Emerson Sustainability, and helping run our monthly Weigh the Waste nights. 

Why do you care about sustainability?: I care about sustainability because I love gardening, nature, the ocean and being outside! I love hiking, exploring sea life through snorkeling and scuba diving, and caring for plants, so the environment is a high priority for me. My interests in gardening led me to think deeper about regenerative agriculture and alternate forms of farming, which made me interested in sustainability as a whole. I hope for a future full of sustainable practices and policies and look forward to being a part of making that happen:)

Lizzy Pereira

Position: Climate Justice Fellow 

Area of study: Political Communication major 

Class Year: Second Year 

What are you working on as a fellow?: As a climate justice fellow, I have a focus on climate activism and policy. I became interested in climate activism when my community faced polluting energy projects such as biomass plants and gas pipelines. I was forced to become aware of all the pollutants that affect our lives and learn the tools to create change in my community. I look forward to connecting Emerson students to local activists and providing opportunities for civic engagement on campus and at the State House. 

Anna Arriaga

Position: Sustainable Dining Fellow 

Area of study: Business of Creative Enterprises

Class Year: Senior

What are you working on as a fellow?: As a Sustainable Dining fellow, a lot of my work surrounds areas on campus where people eat, mainly regarding the Dining Hall and the Lions Den. Our biggest goal regarding food on campus is lowering the amount of food waste people produce, and also ensuring that people are disposing of their food waste properly, using the compost bins we have all around campus. I host a weekly event on Wednesdays in the dining hall where I help people sort their waste and learn more about food waste as well as other efforts such as Weigh The Waste programming and more. 

Why do you care about sustainability?: Creating a more sustainable and livable world is essential to ensure the future of the planet. As a kid, climate doom had already sunk deep in my everyday life. Now, as an adult, I know that sustainability efforts on an institutional level are directly tied to achieving climate justice, which can make the environment and the world a better place for all people. Also, much of my career and interests outside of this position revolves around the food and restaurant business, which is directly related to nature, agriculture, and climate justice. Everybody should care!

Ria Wipperf-urth

Position: Waste Diversion Fellow

Area of study: Interdisciplinary Program at Emerson which will include me studying sustainability and marketing

Class Year: First-year 

What you’re working on as a fellow: As a fellow, I will be taking on proper waste sorting for the residence halls, dining halls and around campus. You’ll also see me at different events talking about how to be more sustainable 🙂 

Why you care about sustainability: With my degree I hope I can implement change in policies and reduce mass wastes businesses cause. It’s not easy to be totally un-wasteful but I plan on learning how to make it a lot easier and accessible for the everyday person.