The View From Boylston: 52 Summer Street

As we continue to improve the landscape of Emerson and its imprint on downtown Boston, the students are now getting more acclimated to one of the newest transitions.

At the top of the spring semester, the Cabaret and Fitness Center both moved out of the lower level of Little Building (before its renovation begins in the fall) and was relocated to the corner of Summer and Arch streets.

Cab E 3Cab E 4

Formerly a series of dance and exercises studios, this four-story space is the temporary home to both the Fitness Center and the Cabaret. The third and fourth floors are home to the Fitness Center. The top floor is more of an open floor plan for weights and stretching, while the third floor is full of larger machinery. The new locker rooms, equipped with saunas and private dressing areas, can be found in the basement.

The second floor has been transformed into CabEast, which can now seat a capacity of 150 people, almost double of its predecessor. CabEast now includes more lighting fixtures, a secondary green room/reception space, and a handicap ramp for the stage. Many student auditions, rehearsals and productions have been held in this beautifully renovated space.Cab E 2Cab E 1

There is also a mezzanine level, which is home to storage space for CabEast users to hold set pieces and props, as well as offices for strength and fitness assessments.

Although this space is temporary, it has already become a new home for many students. The walk to the new space near Downtown Crossing has been a little treacherous as of late with the late winter/early spring snow and ice, but Emerson students are not easily deterred. The show will go on, and the weights will still be lifted.

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