Internships At Emerson!

By Jenn Wood, Communication Studies ’19

As a second-semester senior, I have been lucky enough to have had three internships during my four years at Emerson. And, I have found ALL of my internships through the amazing services provided by the Career Development Center!

I am one of many students that have found success with their internship search through the Career Development Center. The main resource I have used is Handshake: an online platform for current students and alumni where they have access to thousands of job and internship postings, professional experiences, and career readiness opportunities. What I love about Handshake is the fact that you get exposed to thousands of internship and job postings across all majors and interests. You can see the positions that employers are currently looking to fill and can even see how eligible you are for a position based on the metrics you fill on your profile! Without this resource, I would have had miserable internship searches with little success. Moreover, I have also been able to meet with staff members from the Career Development Center and the support their staff provides to Emerson students is second to none. The Center staff works with students on an individual level to help students get to where they want to be professionally. They can help edit resumes, give interview advice, and even look at your previous experiences to help direct you in the right direction to create an internship search with realistic and dream options.

With that in mind, my internship experience at Emerson has been so much more than I could have asked for. All of my internships have given me crucial life lessons, have expanded my professional horizons and have transformed me into the confident young woman I am today. For example, I am currently a Social Media and Event Management Intern with JVC Tournaments, a volleyball tournament management company. I travel across the country with JVC Tournaments to work their weekend tournaments where I manage their social media accounts, promote and conduct giveaways, and assist the tournament directors with any management tasks throughout the weekend. I also help create and design graphics, develop social media filters, and send out promotional emails to teams and ticketholders. And, I have been absolutely loving my experience!

While it has been tough to juggle traveling, internship duties, on-campus jobs, extracurriculars, and classes this semester, I have found that you can definitely be a full-time student with a part-time or full-time internship. As a student, I have definitely balanced an internship with school work by finding the planning strategies that work best for me and figuring out what type of workload I can handle. Even though it may take some time for your student to figure out what they can handle on top of academics, internships are great experiences that can positively impact their professional path and can refocus their outlooks to move forward and complete their degree with the skills to help them get their dream job!

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