Hanging On Until The End Of The Semester!

By Jennifer Wood, ’19

We officially have less than two months left of the Spring 2019 semester and like most Emerson students, I am very much hanging on until the end of the semester.

At this point of the semester, everyone has returned from spring break either recharged or a bit disconnected. We all just came back from a week away from Emerson’s campus and all had a chance to relax after the stress of midterms, winter storms, and homesickness. However, now that we’re back to finish up the semester, it’s also crunch time.

We are all preparing to finish up our classes, searching for internships, wrapping up our athletic seasons, starting our on-campus or off-campus housing processes, and focusing on our large extracurricular activities or events. This all means that there is a lot happening at Emerson right now! Every student has a wide range of responsibilities on their plate and they are working hard to make sure they get to the end of the semester to enjoy their long summers.

As a student myself, I am in a similar position as a lot of my peers. I had a wonderful spring break that allowed me to recharge but as soon as I returned to Boston, I was hit by a wave of classwork, commitments, and realizations that I only have less than two months to complete everything I need to do this semester. Now, I’m zeroed in on making sure that I am not spreading myself too thin. Much like other students, we tend to over-commit ourselves without truly realizing it and can end up in extremely stressful situations. With that on my mind, I’m making sure that I am spending time with friends and family in between my commitments. I think it’s important for students to have others to lean on and talk to; even if it means scheduling a time to FaceTime with someone from home or making a trip home if they have the resources to recharge. It’s also important to point out that students have access to on-campus resources as well including ECAPs and the Healing & Advocacy Collective!

I’m kind of hanging on to my seat on the “Spring Semester” Rollercoaster which has been full of ups and downs already. Much like my peers, I’m trying to avoid any unnecessary loops or spins. I want a smooth ride to the finish line (which for me is graduation)! And to try to navigate my last months at Emerson, I’ve been super dependent on my planner, Google Calendar, and my mom. As a senior commuter student, I have been balancing my college life with my home life since the start of my junior year. I try to schedule out every single one of my classes, work shifts, extracurricular meetings, social events, family commitments, and college events into my planner and Google Calendar. This helps me see what my day will look like, see how much free time I will have per day, and note what time I will leave and get home every day. I’m also incredibly close to my mom who not only helps me manage my schedule but is incredibly supportive and is definitely helping me get to the end of the semester. I think every Emerson student needs a good balance within their support system, and I have definitely benefited by using both Emerson resources and leaning on my friends and family!

Regardless, every student is hanging on until the end of the semester and will definitely need a reminder from those they love that not only can they finish their semester strong but that their work is important and matters!

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