Summer Employment

By Kalie Crago, Graduate Intern, ’20

In the wake of school projects, extracurriculars and final exams, looking for a summer job might be the furthest thing from your student’s mind. But now is the perfect time to start the job hunt! Whether it’s a summer spent in your student’s chosen field or in customer service, a summer job will undoubtedly be a valuable experience.

But where does one even start? Googling job listings can offer an overwhelming amount of options and dead leads. The Career Development Center is a great resource for students looking for a summer job, from the process of searching all the way to interviewing. Don’t discount the power of the Emerson mafia, either. Utilizing Handshake connects alumni and students through hundreds of job opportunities.

Even if the summer job hunt can feel daunting, rest assured that no matter what job your student takes on for the summer, it will be a learning experience. Working as a waiter, for example, can give a student valuable interpersonal and financial skills. Even if your student may feel that their summer job is a lull in their career plans, remind them to take advantage of opportunities wherever they may arise.

Simply put, while your student should put their best foot forward in looking for a summer job, don’t let them stress about it either. No matter where your student lands, they’re bound to take their skills cultivated at Emerson and continue to learn even during the lazy summer months.

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