First Semester De-Stressors


By Kalie Crago ’20

Though it might feel like the school year just started, the end of first semester is quickly approaching. With last minute tests, papers, projects and more, the time between Thanksgiving and Winter Break may prove to be especially trying for your student. Thankfully, there are many ways your student can combat end-of-semester stress.

Although it might be tempting for your student to hunker down and focus entirely on their work until it’s completed, make sure to remind them to take breaks too. Simply taking a walk, going out to dinner, or having a short chat with friends can help your student relax and rejuvenate, giving them the energy to continue on with their work. A healthy work-life balance is key!

Another great resource for finals relaxation is visiting the Cirque de De-Stress on Friday, December 6. Located in the library, the Cirque de De-Stress offers crafts, snacks and more. Several therapy dogs are also available for students that feel they need to visit a furry friend. Does your student have a tight schedule? Sign-ups for therapy dog visits are available in advance online! If your student wants to drop by, on-site therapy dog sign ups are also available, and many other activities require no sign ups at all! More information on the Cirque de De-Stress and sign up registration will be available on the library’s webpage closer to the event, and students will be receiving an email about the event.

 While this time of year often brings stress, remember that there are plenty of resources at Emerson to help alleviate this pressure. By regularly taking breaks to socialize, practice self-care or visit some furry friends, students can help themselves refresh and rejuvenate before jumping back into work. And with just a few weeks until Winter Break, your student’s efforts will quickly be rewarded.

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