Welcoming 2020 and a New Semester!

By Kalie Crago ’20

After a long holiday break, it’s time for the beginning of a new semester! While your student is undoubtedly excited to settle back into Boston and Emerson life, this time of year can bring new challenges. As your student returns to a new schedule, group of professors, commitments and more, how can they best take advantage of the fresh slate a new semester brings?

Before anything else, students should ensure that they can balance the commitments they’ve already signed up for, such as classes or club meetings. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, students should organize a weekly plan for studying, homework, extracurriculars and any other commitments they may have. By setting themselves up for success at Emerson, your student can then feel free to focus on summer or post-graduate plans, as many of the deadlines occur at the beginning of second semester.


If your student doesn’t have any plans already, ask them what they’d like to focus on this
summer. Do they want to take classes, get a summer job, or land an internship? Is your student graduating this semester? Perhaps they’re focusing on filling out graduate school applications or looking for full-time positions. No matter what your student’s plan, there are resources available to help. Students can make an appointment at the Career Center for help with job or internship searches as well as graduate school applications. If your student is having trouble deciding what their next move is, have them reach out to their advisor or another trusted professor for advice. Even talking over ideas with friends can offer new perspectives!

Overall, planning and organization for both the present and future is integral at the beginning of second semester. Make sure your student starts off on the right foot by properly organizing and planning for present obligations. Once this is in place, students should begin to formulate an idea of what they want to pursue during the summer months. With the proper plan in place, the rest of the semester is smooth sailing!

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