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  • Weigh the Waste — April, 2023

    By Eco Ambassador Katie Koenig The final Weigh the Waste event of the year took place on April 26, Stop Food Waste Day. Eco Ambassadors ran the usual routine—tables out upstairs and downstairs with labeled, plastic tubs for weighing waste during the dining period—one last time before the end of the school year. This time, […]

  • Griff Gives, 2023: Sustainable Move-Out

    Time flies and the semester is almost over! As you begin wrapping up another year at Emerson, consider actions to reduce your waste as much as possible. Today, Campus Services, with the help of our four student Eco Ambassadors, is launching a reimagined sustainable move-out program called Griff Gives. From this afternoon until noon on […]

  • Recap: Teach-In on Sustainability

    By Student Sustainability Analyst Marine Savoure From March 27 to 30, Emerson College conducted its first ever Teach-In on Sustainability. With 13 events and almost 40 guest speakers, the Teach-In was a celebration of the incredible interdisciplinary nature of sustainable initiatives and a reminder of the urgent need to champion sustainability across all fields.  In […]

  • Recap: Campus Race to Zero Waste

    By Eco Ambassador Anna Arriaga It’s official! The nationwide Campus Race to Zero Waste competition ended on March 25, 2023 after running since January on campus here at Emerson College. After three months of non-stop events, hard work, and campaigning to promote waste diversion, the results are in. Before getting to how we did as […]

  • Library Love: an upcycled art competition

    By Eco Ambassador Anna Arriaga On Wednesday, March 22nd, a semester’s worth of work and planning culminated in successfully hosting Library Love, an upcycled art competition in the CoLab space of the Iwasaki Library! For a few hours, students, faculty, and staff members came together to create and discuss sustainability on campus through crafting.  With […]

  • Next week: Teach-In on Sustainability

    In 2015, the United Nations introduced 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint for a better, more sustainable future for all.  Here at Emerson, we’re on it. Across the College and around the world, Emersonians are contributing to a better future in many ways, big and small, because we all have a stake in what’s ahead. The 2023 Teach-In on Sustainability (March 27-30) will feature a dynamic, interdisciplinary, and interactive exploration […]

  • Weigh the Waste — February, 2023

    By Eco Ambassador Katelyn Koenig Wondering why we’re asking you to sort your waste this evening? You’ve come to the right place! During the fall semester and now once again in spring, Eco Ambassadors set up weigh stations in the dining hall to track the amount of waste that students produce in an average dinner […]

  • What is waste diversion?

    By Eco Ambassador Anna Arriaga This week marks the start of the annual Campus Race to Zero Waste. Emerson has entered the waste diversion division of the competition this year.  Waste diversion, or landfill diversion, is the process of diverting waste from landfills for uses such as recycling, composting, or repurposing. The main goal is […]

  • December Weigh the Waste events brings in one pound of edible food waste per minute

    By Eco Ambassador Katie Koenig On December 7, the Eco Ambassadors worked with the dining hall to set up tables with large, labeled bins to collect all the waste from that evening’s dinner period. Eco Ambassadors worked the tables, directing waste into organized categories, both to encourage dining-goers to properly dispose of their waste and […]

  • Eco Ambassadors host Compost Concert event with WECB 

    By Eco Ambassador Anna Arriaga On December 6, 2022 we hosted our first “Compost Concert” event on Emerson’s campus. Located in the Bill Bordy Theatre from 6 to 8 pm, the event centered around spreading awareness of Emerson’s compost initiatives around campus and celebrating the end of the semester through groovy music and vegan treats.  […]