Interning at TD Garden

Emerson’s Strategic Marketing Communication MA (SMC) teaches students to build marketing strategies to communicate between consumers and brands, providing students access to an array of exciting career and internship opportunities. We had the pleasure of interviewing current student, Melissa, who currently is interning at TD Garden, Boston’s legendary sports arena.

Here’s what she had to say about her current experience:

  • Q: Where are you currently interning? What is your job title?
  • A: I am currently a Marketing Intern at TD Garden.
  • Q: In comparison to your coursework in the SMC program, how relevant is what you’re learning to your internship position?
  • A: At my internship, I get to put a lot of the skills I have learned through the SMC program into my work. Some things in particular include the creative brief, consumer profiles, and writing skills.
  • Q: Why did you apply to TD Garden?
  • A: I applied to TD Garden because I love sports and have always been interested in Sports Marketing!
  • Q: What are you gaining (personally and career-wise) from this experience?
  • A: This experience has allowed me to gain hands on experience and the opportunity to work on real projects, which I think has been very helpful for me. Most importantly though I would say that this internship has given me more confidence in a professional setting.
  • Q: What are your goals after you graduate from Emerson College?
  • A: My goals are to continue to work in Sports Marketing and find a job that I feel passionate about.
  • Q: What is the most exciting part about your internship?
  • A: The most exciting part about my internship is when I hear something that I have written announced during an event at TD Garden!
  •  Q: What does a typical day at your internship look like?
  • A: I get in in the morning and work on my daily tasks, such as updating the marketing tracking sheet. I usually get to sit in on meetings. I also get many requests from my supervisor throughout the day to help on other projects that come up.
  • Q: What is the most challenging part of your internship?
  • A: The most challenging part of the internship for me has been learning to not be nervous to speak up and reach out to others when I need help.
  • Q: Have you made connections that will benefit you upon graduation from your internship?
  • A: Absolutely!
  • Q: Do you think that Emerson College has helped you further your career and opportunities that are available to you?
  • A: Definitely, Emerson is very well known within the area and many people who I speak to understand the value  an Emerson degree brings to people.
  • Q: What is your dream job?
  • A: I am still working on figuring that out! I feel like I am definitely on the right track with Sports Marketing.
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Hanna Shemke is a ’20 Publishing & Writing MA alum and the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Emerson’s Graduate Admissions department. Currently, she is working from home in Michigan and working on her Young Adult urban-fantasy trilogy, the House of Shadows.