The Start of Something New

By Kalie Crago, Graduate Intern, ’20

We’re less than a month into 2019, and the new year is filled with uncharted possibilities. A new semester, classes, and group of professors all lie ahead for your student. While these changes may call for a hectic schedule, it’s important to remember all the great opportunities a new semester can bring. A new semester, a new start!

Students interacting at one of Emerson’s Org Fairs!

If this isn’t your student’s first semester, they might feel already established in Emerson’s culture or otherwise hesitant to make changes in their daily life on campus. But now is just the right time to start something new! 140 new students join us this semester, along with many more returning from abroad. Whether it’s a new club, social opportunity, or even saying “hello” to a new student down the hall, now is the perfect time to seek out brand new opportunities.

Now is the time to get into the mindset of embracing change in the new year. If an opportunity seems scary or intimidating to your student, help them take that leap! Even if your student is a creature of habit, with the combined help of your family and the Emerson community they can safely spread their wings and learn to take calculated risks.

Whether this is your student’s first semester or their last, make sure they remember how lucky they are to be part of the Emerson community. The college years are a time for experimentation and new experiences, and what better time to kick off a change than a brand-new semester? Emerson offers the perfect environment to try something new; make sure your student takes advantage of this special time!

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