Living on Campus – A Perspective on the First Six Weeks


By Rachel Gomes, ’23

It has officially been over a month of living in the residence halls here at Emerson and I could not be happier with the way everything involving my space has turned out. As a first year student, we are all required to live in the new freshman housing building, Little Building. After years of construction, the class of ‘23 are the first to enjoy the new space. 

I live in a traditional double on the sixth floor and I have a view facing Tremont Street. When I’m not exploring the greatness of Boston, you can usually find me in my dorm room or in one of the many common rooms available to us on every floor of LB. The common rooms are divided up by colors which makes it super easy to meet up with friends to study or just hang out. For example, I could tell a friend to meet me on the sixth floor blue room and she would know exactly where to go! The blue room is designated for studying and homework, while the green room is where you have access to the full kitchen, and the orange room is mostly for socializing. It seems like everyone genuinely enjoys spending late nights with their friends in the common rooms! 

As I said earlier, most of the resources we have are brand new. All of the rooms in LB have central air conditioning and a heating system which I know will come in handy within the next few weeks. The communal bathrooms are cleaned everyday which makes it super convenient for everyone on the floor. And yes, we learned to put in work orders when we saw issues, from mice running around, water leaking, or locks getting jammed. 

Living in the residence halls is something everyone has to get used to. Everyone will get used to living with other people at a different pace! And that’s OKAY! It’s important to acknowledge the resources, such as the Resident Assistants (RAs), and Resident Directors (RDs) that are available to us.  The RAs are older students who have been trained in helping all of us, and the RDs are the full-time professional staff members who live in the building as well. Emerson College has been doing a fantastic job at making sure I am comfortable and safe here in Little Building and I am so grateful to be here.


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