First Time Back Home for Thanksgiving!


Rachel Gomes, ’23

After spending three months away from my home, things will be pretty different when I return for Thanksgiving break. Since living in Boston, my routine has changed dramatically. I have already established a routine here at Emerson that is personal to my own schedule, so it will be a big adjustment from my life at home.

It’s been an immense change going from having home-cooked meals everyday at a certain time to needing to create a schedule for myself and manage my time in order to make sure I’m eating enough. As ashamed as I am to reveal the fact that the first time I did my own laundry was, in fact, in college, I am now somewhat relieved that I can do something to help around the house this holiday break. I’m really looking forward to seeing my family and remembering how grateful I am to have them. 

Upon your student’s return, it’s important to keep in mind the physical and emotional changes they have been through within the past three months. You may want to keep in mind that these changes, clear to you, may go unnoticed by your student. 

As the middle child in my family, my younger brother, currently a senior in high school, has had the house to himself. He has also had possession of the car I used to drive to school every day during my senior year of high school. Although I can argue as much as I want that I should have priority over the car, I have to realize the fact that my brother needs the car for his job, sports games, school, etc. Things have changed while I was away.

I am sure much has changed back in my house, and it is important I respect these changes as much as my family will respect the changes I have endured. Although this break from college life will be nice and refreshing, it’s important to keep my head in the game for the upcoming semester and to finish out my first semester strong! Remember to acknowledge and utilize the resources that are available to anyone on campus so you can finish this semester off with your chin up.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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