Eco Ambassadors host Compost Concert event with WECB 

By Eco Ambassador Anna Arriaga

On December 6, 2022 we hosted our first “Compost Concert” event on Emerson’s campus. Located in the Bill Bordy Theatre from 6 to 8 pm, the event centered around spreading awareness of Emerson’s compost initiatives around campus and celebrating the end of the semester through groovy music and vegan treats. 

The event was catered with vegan and gluten free pizza from local restaurant, Stoked, along with various pastries from nearby bakery Bakey via the anti-food waste app Too Good To Go. Eco Ambassador Annie and Sustainability Manager Jen sat at an information table at the entrance of the event, equipped with educational materials about composting on campus including pamphlets, flyers, and more. Most importantly, the Bill Bordy Theatre was equipped with compost, recycling, and trash bins, so all attendees of the event were able to exercise their newly learned knowledge on what and how to compost!

WECB is a 100 percent student run Emerson College radio station that’s been around for 70 years. Their WECB Live team, which helped us coordinate talent for the event, set up all the audio and tech equipment for three amazing performances from Potajoe, Valentine, and Everly Estelle. Potajoe took the stage first with his acoustic guitar and booming voice, gracing the room with a few original songs followed by upbeat covers that had the whole theater dancing and singing along. Next, Valentine had their moment, filling the room with angelic harp melodies and powerful lyrics that made the room go quiet. Last but certainly not least, spunky singer/songwriter Everly Estelle strummed her guitar and finished off the night with original lyrics and an energetic stage presence. 

We had a great turnout and gave away exclusive compost-themed tote bags to all those who stayed until the end of the two hour event.

Thanks to everyone who attended and we can’t wait to continue hosting events just like this one next semester to make “Compost Concert” a series!

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