Our mission is to create a space for the writers and readers of Emerson College to share their voices and uplift their communities.

The Blog, now Pub Club Online, has been a staple of Pub Club since 2012. It is the third entity under the umbrella of “Pub Club” and it is focused on sharing student voices. Press spotlights, publishing news, opinion pieces, and book reviews make up just some of the content posted every week throughout the scholastic year. In addition, as of 2022, Pub Club Online began its monthly writing challenge where Emerson students can submit their work for a chance to be published online and featured on the organization’s social media sites.

The Blog team is comprised of the Blog Director and Blog Assistant(s). The Blog Director develops edits, and produces each blog post. With the help of the Blog Assistant(s), the team curates a selection of enthralling pieces that are enjoyed by a wide audience. Applications for these positions are available at the beginning of the semester when there are vacancies.

Blog Director: Leanna Florez
Blog Assistants
: Liz Gomez and Meg Rady